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What is the EU Customs Union policy?

A Customs Union refers to the complete elimination of tariffs and quantitative restrictions in commodity trade among member countries, so that goods can flow freely among member countries. In addition, between member states rules by consensus on imports from non-members limit policy, outside the customs union no matter which member states into the alliance, the goods will be in the same duties all eu countries products imported from third countries, no matter in which country to enter the European Union, are in the same import duties.

What are the members of the European Union?

There are 27 countries in the European Union. They are:

1. Austria

2. Belgium

3. Bulgaria

4. Cyprus

5. The Czech republic

6. Croatia

7. Denmark

8. Estonia

9. Finland

10. France

11. The German

12. The Greek

13. The Hungarian

14. Ireland

15. Italy

16. Latvia

17. Romania

18. Lithuania

19. The Luxembourg

20. Malta

21. The Netherlands

22. The polish

23. The Portuguese

24. Slovakia

25. Slovenia

26. The Spanish

27. Sweden

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