ATA List Common Sense Question and Answer

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1, what is the general temporary import goods?

The goods which are imported from a country and re-exported from that country in their original condition within a certain period of time are usually called general temporary imports. For example: exhibits to be exhibited at exhibitions, commercial samples to be displayed for customers, and professional equipment for activities such as testing or photographing.

2. What are the characteristics of general temporary import goods in the process of circulation?

(1) The goods remain in their original condition; (2) the commercial value of the goods does not change; (3) There is no change in title to the goods; (4) The goods should go through multiple customs declaration procedures; (5) Temporary import and export of goods have a certain period of time; (6) The problem of guarantee exists in the temporary import and export of goods.

3, how to carry general temporary import goods to go through the customs formalities?

Any country permits the temporary importation of goods into its own country. Usually the import of such goods will not take longer than twelve months. There are three ways for the applicant to go through the formalities for temporary import.

A: Pay A deposit to the customs

When handling the temporary import formalities, the applicant should pay a deposit to the customs of the importing country (the amount is equivalent to the sum of the import country duties and other taxes). Will tell commonly, what should pay goods value in Europe 20-30%, Australia is 50% to wait. When the goods are exported again, the customs of the importing country will refund the deposit in full to the applicant within a certain period of time. In Europe, deposits are usually returned two to six months after the goods have been re-exported. The fee will be paid in the local currency of the importing country.

B: Application for Temporary Import Guarantee

When handling the formalities for temporary import, the applicant may, as required by the customs of the importing country, provide a guarantor and apply for a temporary import guaranty.

C: Use the ATA Sheet Book

The ATA document is an internationally accepted declaration manual and guarantee document. It has been accepted by 65 countries and regions in the world. The ATA list will free the applicant from the need to pay a deposit or apply for a temporary import guarantee. Applicants can pre-arrange and use uniform documents to go through customs formalities.

4. What is ATA Carnet?

Carnet is a French word which means "manual". ATA is an abbreviation for French Admission temporaire and English temporary Admission, meaning "temporary import." ATA CARNET A manual for customs clearance of temporary imports.

5. Is there an expiry date for ATA documents?

There is. According to the ATA Convention, the validity period of ATA documents is up to one year. The period cannot be extended, but in case the task cannot be completed within the period of validity, the renewal sheet can be handled.

6. What is the function of ATA documents?

On the one hand, ATA documents replace other customs declaration documents; On the other hand, the holder does not have to pay a deposit to the customs or apply for temporary import guarantee. At the time of customs declaration, the cardholder only needs to produce the ATA document for customs inspection and endorsement.

7. What are the benefits of using ATA sheets?

(1) Unified customs declaration documents

The ATA list of customs declarations is internationally consistent in style and content. Holders can get everything ready before departure and are under control. In this way, it avoids the tedious and unpredictable situation of filling in the domestic customs declaration forms with different styles and contents temporarily in various countries. At the same time, it saves a lot of time to fill in the form at the customs.

(2) Unified language

The ATA list uses the international language, avoiding the barrier of national language.

(3) Uniform Guarantee

The ATA list is not only a customs declaration, but also a security document. The Chamber of Commerce becomes the guarantor for the bearer when he/she declares at the customs on the ATA list. In this case, the holder is no longer required to pay a deposit in foreign currency or apply for a temporary import guarantee to the customs offices of various countries. In this way, the amount of funds used can be reduced, while the bank charges, transaction fees and interest losses can be avoided in order to pay the fees, and the situation of cash theft or embezzlement can be eliminated. The above advantages of the ATA Card Register are especially important when the licensee has to travel to multiple countries continuously.

8. Which goods can apply for ATA document list?

According to international conventions are mainly professional equipment, commercial samples and articles to participate in exhibitions and trade fairs. In addition, according to some international and domestic laws and regulations, some other purposes of goods can also apply for ATA documents. However, expendable goods such as brochures, promotional materials and foodstuffs in foreign countries are not eligible for the ATA list.

9. Can I apply for ATA documents for spare parts?

You can. For example, there are machines abroad that need to be repaired, but it is not possible to determine which spare parts are useful and which are not. At this time, ATA documents can be processed and all spare parts that may be used can be taken abroad. For those spare parts that will eventually be used and will not be re-exported, the licensee only needs to go through the relevant import procedures in the local area. In addition, maintenance needs to use the tools can also be for ATA documents.

10. Can I apply for ATA documents for goods to be repaired abroad?

Can't. The goods to be repaired cannot apply for ATA document list. There are other ways of customs clearance for this kind of goods.

11. Can I apply for ATA documents for products with export restrictions in China?

You can.

12. If some goods may be sold or given abroad, can we apply for ATA documents?

Yes, but if there is really a sale, gift situation, the holder must declare to the local customs and deal with the relevant tax payment procedures.

13. Are there any restrictions on the eligibility of the ATA Card List?

No. All government agencies, public institutions, enterprises (including joint ventures and wholly owned enterprises), social organizations, representative offices in China and natural persons with their registered or resident places in China can apply.

14. Can the application of ATA document list be handled by the forwarder company or customs broker company?

You can.

15. Can I apply for ATA card list when I go to any country?

It isn't. Only countries that are members of the ATA Convention and the Istanbul Convention will accept the ATA List.

16. Is there any restriction on ATA documents' declaration right in China?

No. Customs declaration can be made by the licensee himself or any person or company authorized by the licensee.

17. Can companies like DHL/UPS handle customs clearance for ATA documents?

You can. Although some ATA member countries do not accept customs declaration on ATA documents for goods shipped through the postal system. But goods shipped via DHL/UPS and other companies are international express services, not postal services.

18. Are there any restrictions on customs declaration ports for ATA documents in China?

No. All customs ports in China can handle the customs formalities of ATA documents.

19. When the overseas exhibitors declare at the customs with ATA documents, do they need to show the exhibition approval documents to the Chinese customs?

Don't need.

20. Do the goods under the ATA list need to be inspected?

According to the relevant regulations of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ), the goods under ATA list are exempt from 3C certification and quality inspection. However, for the goods involved in the quarantine of animals, plants and their products (inspection and quarantine category P or Q), quarantine shall be carried out according to the regulations. The licensee or his authorized representative may apply for quarantine with the ATA certificate book as the supporting document.

21, why with ATA documents can be declared at the customs without paying a deposit?

Because the deposit has been guaranteed by CCPIT/China Chamber of International Commerce for the holder. In this case, the security customs receive is not a deposit, but a guarantee.

22. What is the fee for an ATA card book?

The ATA documents should be paid when the card and insurance fee. The specific amount will be determined according to the total value of the goods. In addition, the applicant should submit counter-guarantee to the Chamber of Commerce. The guarantee rate shall be set by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade/China Chamber of International Commerce.

23. Must the applicant submit counter-guarantee to the issuing chamber of commerce?

Yes, it is a requirement of the ATA Convention. Guarantee mechanism is the guarantee for the normal operation of ATA document list system. Each ATA member state has a designated guarantor association responsible for guaranteeing the enforcement of valid customs claims at home and abroad. For China as an example, CCPIT/CICC will have to pay all valid claims to foreign customs for China's export ATA documents. Therefore, the applicant is required to provide counterguarantee to CCPIT/China Chamber of International Commerce when applying for ATA documents.

24. How high are the import taxes paid abroad?

It's hard to say. Because import taxes not only include import duty, import value added tax, also include consumption tax, stamp duty, etc. The specific amount depends on the type of goods and the country of destination. In addition, the weight of the cargo is also one of the factors to consider. Tariffs on imports range from 5% to 150% of the value of goods in ATA member countries. Countries such as Russia, India and Algeria have high tax rates.

25. Can the licensee buy insurance for import duties?

Can't. It is the licensee's duty to pay taxes. The licensee may only purchase insurance for theft, transportation risks, customs clearance risks arising from theft, transportation problems, customs clearance risks arising from delays, etc.

26. How can I use the ATA card book multiple times within one year?

First of all, no matter how many countries you go to, the number of trips must be the same goods listed in the list; Secondly, when applying for the ATA card book, it is necessary to inform the visa agency of the expected country and times of travel, so that the visa agency can prepare enough documents for it in the card book in advance.

27. Where can I get an ATA card list?

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)/China Chamber of International Commerce (CICC) and its 23 branches are the visa agencies for China's ATA list.

28. Can the issuing chamber refuse to issue ATA documents?

B: Sure. China council for the promotion of international trade/China chamber of international commerce is responsible for guaranteeing each copy of the document. And no one can force others, must assume the responsibility of guarantee for it.

29. Where can I learn about the ATA List System?

Log on the ATA website (www.atachina.org), you can learn about the ATA Convention, the Istanbul Convention, the supervision and operation rules of the Chinese customs on ATA documents, as well as the relevant operation procedures and regulations for applying for ATA documents.